25 Sept 2021

Fragmented Flaneur reviews Nova Express album 'Twenty One'

They say:

This album is completely new to me, in fact in one sense it is new for everyone… certainly in terms of the track listing. In reality this the sole album from the band Nova Express, released in 2001, and now remastered and resequenced. When you listen to it, however, your first thought is unlikely to be the fact that it is a couple of decades old. Furthermore, I absolutely love the fact that the late Torbjörn Abelli, bassist of seminal Swedish band Träd, Gräs och Stenar, declared on its release, “This album will mature and be perfect twenty years from now”. Well here we are twenty years later and I have to say that Abelli is not far wrong.

There is also something rather perfect in releasing this album in a way that fulfils his prediction, by a label in Rocket Recordings who have done much to further the influence of Abelli’s band through a series of releases by the likes of Hills, OCH, Centrum and Flowers Must Die… all of whom also sit in that earthy Swedish musical tradition. Maybe, in this sense, it has become a deliberately fulfilled prophecy… however, without the music to back this up it would have fallen flat. So it is that when I first heard this revived album I was absolutely blown away and, as has happened with a number of recordings that I have been hopelessly late to over the years, I am caught between having missed out on it for all that time while also revelling in the recent memory of hearing it for the first time… and enjoying that moment… and I must say that I am really enjoying getting to know this record...

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