18 Jun 2021

Land Trance's First Séance LP is released today

“Spectacular debut album.”

The Quietus  (No. 14 Album Of 2020)

“A journey exploring every corner of the experimental music landscape.”
Get Into This

“Conjuring moments of unadulterated transcendence.”
Fruits and Grooves

"A record as dazzlingly cinematic as it is truly exploratory." 

Backseat Mafia


Last year the band Land Trance, a collaboration between Liverpool-based musicians Andrew P.M Hunt (Dialect) and Benjamin D. Duvall (Ex-Easter Island Head) released their debut album ‘First Séance’ on Forest Swords’ Dense Truth label. The album quickly became one of our albums of the year and was also featured in The Quietus prestigious Top 100 Albums of the Year list at #14.

We felt this was an album that needed to be heard on vinyl (only released digitally up to now) and we were the label who had to do it.

So we are proud to announce that you can pick up this incredible debut album by Land Trance on ltd edition vinyl from your local record shop as from today.


Working together as Land Trance, the duo utilise spontaneous electro-acoustic improvisation and studio-as-instrument post production to explore the inner and outer reaches of each other’s musical vocabularies. Tracks oscillate between vocal-led ecclesiastical yearning (Transcript, Chilean Miners) and ecstatic assemblages of sound (Beach Mystery, A Raft), always suggesting a palpable sense of geography with an allusive sense of place.

‘First Séance’ elevates deceptively simple materials and means with vivid imagination and bold compositional strategies, transcending the intimate scale of bedroom recording and DIY sound creation. It presents a wholly original set of musical environments, and a compelling document of intuition, friendship and artistic curiosity.