30 Jun 2018

Rocket Probes – June playlist

Lay Llamas – Thuban
(Lay Llamas new album was released this month and its psyched out summer vibe has been a perfect soundtrack)
Lay Llamas

Oneida – Romance
(One of our albums of the year...)

Camedor - En Ut / Alba
(Repetitious electronica minimalism)

Our Solar System – Origins
(Nice swedish psych on Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
Our Solar System

Deaf Kids – Pés Atados
(Such a pleasure seeing this lot play at Supersonic Fest and down the Shacklewell Arms, great band)
Deaf Kids

Joanna Brouk - The Space Between
(Ambient The Necks like minimal classical chimes, synth, and piano)
Joanna Brouk

Ben Vince & Joy O– Transition 2 / Systems Align
(Great techno/jazz collaboration from Houswives Ben Vince and Joy O)
Ben Vince & Joy O

Warp Transmission - The Process Ultra
(Nice bit of psych rock with a Gaye Bykers meets early Monster Magnet type of vibe)
Warp Transmission

Deru - 1979
(Eno-esque Ambient sounds)

Crack Cloud – Swish Swash
(Nice mash-up of Housewives, Beefheart, Stereolab and Talking Heads)
Crack Cloud

Rafael Toral – Sound mind sound body
(Sit back and relax...)
Rafael Toral

(Last track on their EP POP...proper sludged out psych punk that the man, the legend Cherrystones turned us on too)

New Kingdom - Good Times (Del Remix) / Animal
(Great stoned out Hip Hop)
New Kingdom
New Kingdom

Black Midi – bmbmbm
(Repetitive noise...bit of a GNOD meets Housewives feel to it)
Black Midi

OGOD – More Hearing
(Good doomy space rock)

Sophia Loizou - Irregular Territories
(Mike from Teeth of the Sea pricked up our ears to this droning jungle noise)

Fire! - The Hands
(Jazz. Rock.) 

Street Sounds – UK Electro
(Going way back to our roots, used to breakdance to this!!)
Street Sounds

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