31 Jan 2018

Rocket Probes – January playlist

Well hasn't January been a long month!!!

(Members of The Horrors, Black Angels, The Earlies and Elephant Stone come together to create a stunning and completely unique album that mixes kraut, psyched grooves and pop experimentation)

Anthroprophh – OMEGAVILLE
(Anthroprophh release their 'third' album proper and it is the best thing they have ever done – Heads like fuzz rockouts collide with mind expanding, lengthy, kraut excursions. We are quite floored with how good this masterpiece is!)

Mamuthones – Fear on the corner
(We can't get enough of Mamuthones new album so have a listen to a first play of the title track on Baba Yaga's Hut radio show on Resonance FM go too 48:30....and dig that dirty fuzz!!)

Gnod – Be Aware Of Your Limitations (Live At Roadburn 2017)
("In case of sonic attack".....Gnod's electronic set from last years Roadburn reworked/remixed and torn to shreds by Andrew Liles from Nurse With Wound.

Normil Hawaiians – More Wealth than Money
(Amazing psyched out Art Punk from 1982 – an essential reissue not to ignore. Though shame the vinyl doesn't have all the extras you get with the CD/digital  version as there are some real killer alt versions of the album tracks!)
Normil Hawaiians

Acid Arab – Le Disco
(Killer Arabic dance grooves courtesy of John Doran)
Acid Arab

Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glass
(Japanese repetitive minimalism from 1982)
Midori Takada

Orchestra of Constant Distress – Distress Test
(Great repetitive noise track from a new album on Riot Season)
Orchestra of Constant Distress

Tajak – Little Doll
(Nice take of the Stooges classic by this Mexican 3-piece...thanks to Lee Winter for pointing them out to us)

Patrick Cowley – Invasion
(Hi-energy synthdisco banger, courtesy of Teeth of the Sea's Jimmy Martin)
Patrick Cowley

(Flowers Must Die's Rickard Daun turned us on to this heavy, grooved-out, psyched rock from Poland in '74 – a proper good 'air drumming' album)

Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag
(Great fuzzed post punk)
Cabaret Voltaire

Stevie Wright - Black Eyed Bruiser
(Oz rock from '75)
Stevie Wright

Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Garden Of Poppies
(Great Can like groove)
Ryuichi Sakamoto

Orange Car Crash – Simple Music
(Band put together by Andrea Davi, the drummer from Mamuthones and Lay Llamas – their 2016 album of tribal-fusion-pop)
Orange Car Crash

Lebenden Toten ‎– Static!
(Pure fuzzed filth...thanks Mighty Lord Deathman for bringing this and many other utter bangers to our attention in your Quietus playlist)
Lebenden Toten

Davy Kehoe ‎– Short Passing Game
(Stunning album that Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne turned us on too...essential purchase in our opinions)
Davy Kehoe

The Pretty Things – Talkin' about the good times
(Been a bit of a Pretty Things back catalogue kinda month)
The Pretty Things

Vanilla Poppers - Hole's The Goal
(Nice punch of fuzzed punk)
Vanilla Poppers

Mkwaju Ensemble – Mkwaju
(Nice repetitive marimba rhythms and synthesizer sounds from 1981 Japan)
Mkwaju Ensemble

Wart Bitter – Tape
(Great skronk noise n'grooves from Gum Takes Tooths' Tom Fug, Sex Swings' Colin Webster and Alien Sex Fiends' Mat Pod on Hominid Sounds)
*No link to be found – but buy it when you see it*

The Devil – Girl Wants You
('Kool Kieth' cover that recalls classic Country Teasers (with an added bit of 'mother sky' in places), not for the easily offended ha ha)
The Devil

Rivoli – Blue Jay Way
(Russian psychgaze three piece cover our fave Beatles song)

Rodion G.A. – Inversions
(Great track taken from the third Rodion G.A. reissue)
Rodion G.A

Flux of Pink Indians - Neu smell
(Gareth from Anthroprophh/Kuro shone the light on this Crass fuzz punk thrasher from '81)
Flux of Pink Indians

Sonny Sharrock – Ask the Ages
(Did not know about this until Jimmy and Mike from Teeth of the Sea were waxing lyrical about it, killer heavy jazz featuring the master that is Pharoah Sanders)
Sonny Sharrock

Listen to our 'updated monthly' Rocket Probes Spotify playlist (not a lot from this month is on there though):