8 Jan 2018

Hey Colossus and Gnod in Bandcamp's 'Ten British Bands That Bring The Noise Rock'

They say:

Hey Colossus
Hey Colossus have been knocking around since the early 2000s with much of their early material being so loud and lacking in compromise that some critics might go as far as to call it utterly unlistenable. 2015 marked a bold new phase for the band with the release of two albums, In Black & Gold and Radio Static High, when the group began toying with cleaner vocals and production techniques as well as honing their songcraft. Even better is 2017’s The Guillotine on which the powerful, interlocking riffs of the band’s three guitarists provide the perfect complement to wry lyrics about the depressing state of the nation.

The Salford-based GNOD are one of those commendably confusing acts who choose to change sonic style with each successive record. In total contrast to 2015’s triple-vinyl space-jazz opus Infinity Machines was the devastating grind of the following year’s The Mirror. Inspired by the ominously reactionary direction of British politics, as well certain personal issues on which the band members refused to elaborate in interviews, The Mirror features just three songs of Swans-like intensity and bleakness, the final track being drawn out to over 18 punishing minutes.

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