22 Jan 2018

Bandcamp Daily chose 20 Rocket tracks

Bandcamp Daily have written a great piece on Rocket called '20 Tracks for 20 Years of Rocket Recordings'.

It reads:

In recent years the increased popularity and resurgence of psychedelic, or psychedelic-inspired, music has grown from an underground subculture, tied together with a love of bands from Hawkwind to Spacemen 3, into something evident in numerous mainstream and successful groups like Tame Impala, Foxygen, and MGMT.

Such popularity has bred a new generation of bands who fall under the neo-psych category but often don’t go beyond a few Brian Jonestown Massacre records and a wah-wah pedal in pursuit of their psychedelic sound. Such a surface level take can often seem at odds with a genre traditionally rooted in the ability to transform and transport both listener and creator in its attempts at outer-planetary musical explorations or into deep meditative, loop-driven introspection.

However, one label that has been continually exploring this genre of music through periods of both aversion and popularity is the U.K. label Rocket Recordings. 2018 marks 20 years since the label formed (something they will be celebrating with a three-day London event) and over that period they have been home to a variety of groups, from the U.K. psych lords The Heads to the masked Swedish outfit Goat.

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve selected 20 tracks from 20 different artists, which range from third eye-opening psych rock behemoths to explorations of minimal electronics, taut post-punk, krautrock, cosmic pop, and all manner of sounds in between that vary from dreamily melodic to chest-crushingly harsh...

Read the rest of the piece here: Bandcamp Daily