4 May 2016

Nice write-up on Rocket by As if. No way.

It reads:

Rocket Recordings
A Bristol based label, Rocket Recordings‘ back catalogue consists of ambient, psych rock, krautrock and even some techno. I was first introduced to the label through NTS Radio’s Field Work, who played one of the label’s most well known artists Gnod, a British krautrock band from Salford Manchester. Their work ranges from sample heavy drone, such as ‘Collateral Damage’ from their 2014 album, featured below:

To glitchy, electro/techno-esque soundscapes such as their track ‘Spinal Fluid’ from the same album:

Their 2016 album ‘Mirror’, which is wholly psych rock, shows how versatile the band really are. The album is jarring and discordant, wretched and angst-filled;

The musical diversity that Gnod show off is indicative of Rocket Recs’ attitude as a label, in that not only are their artists diverse, but also their signings cover a wide palette of sounds...

Read the full piece here: As if. No way.