9 May 2016

Freq and OneMetal review Teeth of the Sea at Desert Fest

After a short break to refuel I head over to The Black Heart to catch Teeth Of The Sea. The Heart is certainly the hottest and sweatiest venue of the weekend and also the one place where people are queuing down the stairs to try and get in to see bands. The only problem with the Heart is if you are near the back it’s quite hard to see the band on the stage at times (but this is only a small complaint as I’ve seen many fine groups play there). TOTS play an energetic set using the full orchestra of their sound to wash over the audience. Jimmy Martin’s guitar work is quite wonderful and moving at times, as it caresses the songs in a warm fuzzy glow. Their sound is a wonderful breath of fresh air after the heavy fug of so much (terrific) pounding metal and proves that this years line-up is probably one of Desertfest’s most eclectic.

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I’ve liked Teeth of The Sea since I first saw them way back when at Supersonic 2011, and have always had a lot of time for them. I was expecting a pretty decent performance from a band I quite enjoy, but was instead pleasantly surprised by what was the best performance of the Friday for me. Their trademark wobbly chaos held together by relentless, insistent bass is organic and full of life, far more so than you might expect from this kind of music. The arrangements grow and change beautifully, forming a complex ecosystem of tonalities and textures that moves with the stately grace of a change of seasons. Exotic trumpet melodies, soaked in delay peal wildly above the pounding synth bass. When you watch Teeth of The Sea (as everyone reading this must one day do) close your eyes and allow them to transport you to an alien world.

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