4 May 2016

GNOD send a message of thanks!

GNOD have posted & asked us to share their message of thanks to all those who came out & supported them on the last tour.

This is what they had to say



Last months tour was one of the best we have done, mega vibes, people, places, gigs, food, beers, cigs. It was such a great experience to finally make it to Spain especially the North and it was really special to play in the home of AKUAZAZTE at matadeixe in AZKOITIA in the Basque Country .

In no particular order we say thanks and Gnod bless to, Rocket Recordings, Ricky and all at Swamp booking, Dutch Pete (best driver ever, much love) , Baba Yagas Hut and all the great bands and people that came to the weekender in London, Supersonic and Jardim Alice in Paris, Patrick and the rats in Toulouse, Magia Roja in Barcelona, Edu and crew in Madrid, Fua and all the Porto heads ,such a mad night there, Lisbon psych fest, all at LICEO MUTANTE in Pontevedra, Raffa and the mad heads at Bar LABRANZA , all the crew at Matadeixe, again what a mad night, Void in Bordeaux , Raymond Bar in Claremont ferrand , All at the amazing Cox 18 in Milano, Gian Luca and all the amazing heads at Bronson in Ravenna, ‘twas a massive highlight, same goes with Cave 12 in Geneva shouts to sixto, simone and all the crew there, RMFTM, Bob and all at Extase in Tilburg, mad heads in Utrecht, blown out, bong ra, moose ,Gordon & Tracy, Brussels crew our home from home M4, Jan, Matilde, all at M4, big love, Colin and all at the green door, Adam Reid ,Tony Surgeon and all Bristol crew , the show there with Housewives was so sick, love to all who came to see us in Liverpool ….

There’s so many bands and people to reach out to it’s hard to recall everyone, you know who you are and you know that cos of you we could smash it as hard as we could…


Lots of shows and things coming up now, more news about them soon. ONWARRRRRRDDDDSSSSSSSSS