29 Feb 2016

Rocket probes – February playlist

Kubrick In Color from Marc Anthony Figueras on Vimeo.

Gnod - Mirror
(Gnod return with their ferocious follow-up to Infinity Machines)

The Fall - Various
(Yep, another month and more Fall back catalogue cementing itself on the mission control decks)
The Fall

Lay Llamas – African Spacecraft (2092 Lift - Off, Journey And Landing) Live In Cormons
(Afrodisco Can)
Lay Llamas

Colin Stetson - Sorrow
(A mammoth sonic journey)
Colin Stetson

Sunroof - Cloudz
(Great album of noughties kosmiche noise drones)

Czerwone Gitary - Coda
(This was Nothing Is... fave. Killer 70's Polish groove, first played to us by Anthroprophh/The Heads Paul Allen about 15 years ago!)
Czerwone Gitary 

African Head Charge - My Life in a Hole in the Ground
(Been giving their debut album a lot of plays over the last couple of years, their first four have recently been given a timely reissue...essential if you are a Rocket fan)
African Head Charge

Queens of the Stoneage - Regular John
(First track off their first album...the whole side A of this album still sounds great...did they ever better it?)
Queens of the Stoneage

Various - Chains and Black Exhaust
(Another oldie been getting some reinvigorated spins...Plastic Crimwave turned us on to this bootleg comp of dirty fuzz funk back in the early noughties)
Iron Knowledge

This Heat - Made Available (Peel Sessions)
(So​me​ of our favourite versions of ​what are already ​such great tracks, ​'​No Waving​'​ really stands out)
This Heat

Arbete och Fritid​ ​- Se Upp For Livet
​(Something for everyone on this, ​from ​traditional Scandinavian traditional folk music mixed up with Velvet​ freakouts​)
Arbete och Fritid

D.R Hooker - The ​Truth
​(Fuzzy dirge bomber blues​, once described as being between The Doors & Curtis Mayfield)
D.R Hooker

​Fabulous Diamonds - ​Downhill
(Cant get enough of this track, just how simple it is...killer)
​Fabulous Diamonds

Fred Bigot – Mono/Stereo
(Amazing minimal and repetitive techno to lose your mind to)