9 Feb 2016

Hills Interview with Plenirockium

Plenirockium has done one of the biggest interviews with the elusive Hills:

Alexander Priarone and Giampiero Phlebas

It 's really a pleasure to keep our promise to interview Hills not only because "Frid" was the album of 2015 of Plenirockium or to reaffirm the validity of the Swedish underground scene but to learn more about their musical research without borders, including size multicultural and electric atmospheres roar of new forms of ethno-cosmic psychedelic, drone music, space rock, trance noise. After a long chase we were able to strike up a conversation via the web, make yourself comfortable ...

Hills - Hello, Hills is a band from Gothenburg, we are currently 5: 
Tore - vocals, organ
Skin - vocals, guitar
Bob - down
Kalle - vocals, guitar
Hanna - vocals, drums

There were constant lineup changes over time, we did it deliberately inviting friends to play together even live. One way to make music and improvise more lively and fun.

How is the music scene in Gothenburg, there is turmoil?

Hills - Unfortunately we are not very updated. There are several groups here also among the best that we know how: Yuri Gagarin (conscious of their new LP Kommun 2), Strändernas Svall, Uran, Ill Wicker. There are also Kif whose single causes furor when it comes out. And probably many other groups who do not know....

Read the full interview here: Plenirockium