30 Sep 2015

Rocket probes – September playlist

Inside an artificial brain from Johan Nordberg on Vimeo.

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Horse Dance
(Great debut album of kraut, spacerock and electro grooves from this great new Rocket band from Sweden)
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

Teeth of the Sea – Highly Deadly Black Tarantula
(Teeth of the Sea return with their fourth and probably best album)
Teeth of the Sea

Carpa Informis – Womb of the wild 
(Debut EP by a new Rocket band put together by the unamed Djembi player of Goat)
Capra Informis

Higamos Hogamos – Fuzzy Magesty EP
(Nice 6 track EP of psyched-out, krauty postpunk)
Higamos Hogamos 

Sexwitch – Sexwitch
(John described it as Goat meets Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, which is not that far off)
Sex Witch

Various – PZYK Vol.1
(Liverpool Psych Fest have put together this great comp that features a different version of Cage & Aviary's mix of Goat's Run to your Mama)
Liverpool Psych Fest

Deaf Wish - Pain
(Fun album by Oz band who regurgitate the sounds of the mid-late 80s US underground...fitting they are on Sub Pop!)
Deaf Wish

Funkadelic – Loose Booty
(Great laid back vibes and love the Bernie Worrell keyboards on this one, it just builds and keeps on rolling over you.)

Dead Sea Apes - Spectral Domain
(New album of instrumental psych/postrock/ from DSA...comes in nice Luke Insect sleeve)
Dead Sea Apes

The Necks - Vertigo
(The Necks 18th album ​and John owns them all​, this one has a cinematic dark shimmering quality, the feeling of moving when you not, maybe their darkest album to date, perfect for paranoid times. )
The Necks

Narcosatanicos - Narcosatanicos 
(Punk Jazz Psych, in the bands words a 'negative narcotic experience', thanks to Pelle from the Hills for this one.)

Spacemen 3 - Big City
(Alot of Heads scorned at this when it came out as they were in the Stooges 'Sound of Confusion' camp (which we loved too), but the band to head that way to move on and we really liked the 'danced vibe' to it, you could see it working in the Hacienda as much as on headphones sat at home.)
Spacemen 3