29 Sep 2015

Get into this reviews Hey Colossus and Mamuthones live sets

Hey Colossus
Just as Evil Blizzard packed out District on day one, Hey Colossus did today. With barely room enough to take a deep breath we are plunged into a ravenous groove. With all eyes on the captivating Paul Sykes the band tighten their grip on the room that they go onto conquer as for the rest of the night everywhere you went you heard friends questioning each other “Did you see Hey Colossus?… No? Bummer!”. You’d be excused for thinking you’d walked in on a private Hey Colossus gig as every member of the audience either arrived, or left as a vocal fan.

With Spiritualized soon due at the Furnace, Mamuthones are a joyfully left-field alternative. An understandably modest crowd of those too disinterested, ignorant, or simply out-of-it to be drawn to J. Spaceman and co. is dealt the Blade Factory’s most insane blow of the weekend; frenetic, pumping, truly twisted diazepam dance to leave us reeling with unadulterated glee as well as the headliners and their gospel choir ever could.

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