14 Sep 2015

Gnoomes interview with Labeling Men

The interview read:

#MusicMonday: Gnoomes

Gnoomes has been together for just over a year and they’ve already invented their own genre. While their music has been frequently tagged “shoegaze,” a fuzzy alt-rock subgenre that peaked in popularity in the late 1990s, the Russian rock trio has donned their music something slightly different – “stargaze is like a human state, when you’re lying on the grass with your friends, telling funny stories, and watching shooting stars.” I was drawn to their wistful, psychedelic sound when I came across their recent single “Roadhouse” on Clash Magazine. Gnoomes’ debut full-length album NGAN! will be released on October 16 through Rocket Recordings. Read our conversation below, in which you’ll notice their thoughts are almost as dreamy as their music.   

Labeling Men: What does Gnoomes mean in English?

Gnoomes: …It’s a kind of thing that appears instantly in your brain and you can’t explain the origins of why it got into your mind…. Gnoomes are your Freudian-superheroes.

Labeling Men: You live and make music in Russia's Ural Mountains, or as you put it to me, "the middle of nowhere." Does being geographically isolated influence your sound? ...

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And preorder their debut album Ngan! here: Rocket Bandcamp