30 Apr 2015

Rocket probes – April playlist

Repo Man – Minesweeping
(Second vinyl only album by this great Bristol band on Lava Thief records...mixing the repetition of The Fall, the noise of Jesus Lizard and the skronk of Blurt)
Repo Man

Gnod - Gestalt
(50min track performed for live installation and documentary on Altered States)

Flowers Must Die – RVR / Berg / Third
(Two amazing tapes called RVR and Berg and a great 'Third' album by this  Swedish fuzz psych band)
Flowers Must Die

Bitchin Bajas – Transporteur
(Great new album of kraut repetition and spaced out synthscapes on the ever reliable Hand in Dark records)
Bitchin Bajas

White Manna – Pan
(Nice Loop/Hawkwind/Heads/Icarus Line sounding psych album on the great Cardinal Fuzz!!)
White Manna

The Myrrors – Arena Negra
(Stella International Harvester'esque psych)
The Myrrors

Demian Castellanos – The Kyvu Tapes Vol​.​1 (1990​-​1998)
(Lovely synth n'guitar scapes from The Oscillation man…joint release by Hands in the Dark and Cardinal Fuzz)
Demian Castellanos

Katla – I will hunt you 
(More Swedish fuzzed out psych...there is something in the water over there!)

Moon Unit – New sky dragon
(Great 'old' Gnod'like droning and rhythmic psychedelia)
Moon Unit

Roxy Music – For Your Pleasure…
(Heavily effected warped touches with a lot of tension from Eno & Ferry)
Roxy Music 

Oneida – Enemy Hogs
(Like a punk rock White Light /White Heat)

Water Borders – Harboured Mantras
(Weird electronic vibes)
Water Borders 

No Balls – S/T 7 / Come clean LP
(Filthy repetitive riffage)
No Balls