30 Apr 2015

Noisey review's Gnod's Infinity Machines

The Quietus's John Doran reviews Gnod's Infinity Machines for Vice's Noisey site:

Gnod – Infinity Machines
After heavy Chaudelande and some EPs the world's best psychedelic reconnaissance unit is back with a new studio album and it is of course in three parts . The first third is floating in a haze of Throbbing Gristle - like improvised electronica , spoken word , Post - Acid - Ambience and crazy guitar solos there. The jewel in this crown is undoubtedly the colossal " White Priviledged Wank " , which also functions as a prism and is meant to be held in front of the third eye , while staring directly at the sun . A rattling , exaggerated LSD dictator of a track that just collapses eventually under the weight of its own magnificence.

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