16 Apr 2015

Listen to Gnod mix for Crack Magazine

Gnod have created a great mix for Crack Magazine, have a listen here:
Crack Magazine

This is what they say:

We’re excited to be hosting a mix from Paddy of the wildly experimental, DIY band Gnod. The Manchester-based collective are known for their intense, freeform psych jams, and they’re respected for supporting the underground with their labels Tesla Tapes and OnoTesla. Gnod’s Crack mix includes a track from UK songwriter Joanne Robertson (who played an essential role on Dean Blunt’s Black Metal), a gritty post-punk obscurity, psychedelia and industrial from Spain, a pulverising Posh Isolation release and avant-garde jazz.

01. Lawrence Ferlinghetti -The Lords Prayer
02. Hieronymous Gratchenfleiss – The Noble March of Death
03. Joanne Robertson – Secret
04. Metabolist – Curly Wall
05. Qa’a – Sang
06. Esplendor Geometrico – Title Unknown
07. Damien Dubrovnik – Penis Corset
08. Lydia Lunch – The Human Animal
09. Tomorrow the rain will fall upwards – Thus they sang in the Golden Age
10. The Toll – The Toll
11. Albert Ayler – D.C.

Gnod's new album Infinity Machines is released on Monday, however some shops will have them for sale on Saturday on Record Store Day!

Or you can just get a copy straight from us: Rocket Bandcamp