10 Jul 2014

The Heads – Artist In Residence, Roadburn 2015

Roadburn have announced that The Heads (Allen, Maskell, Morgan, Price) will return to Roadburn in Europe as Artist In Residence at the 2015 festival set for April 9th  – 12th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

For this very rare appearance, Paul Allen (Prof) is back in on lead guitar, completing the circle. All of the band members have been busy, Simon Price, Wayne Maskell and Hugo Owen Morgan with Kandodo, Paul with Anthroprophh, and in the past year Wayne and (now) Hugo have joined Loop.

As Artist in Residence, The Heads will play separate sets over the course of Roadburn 2015 and this will feature alongside a set from Rocket's very own Anthroprophh, and judging from their recent Eindhoven Psych Festival appearance should also be something to behold.

The band’s residency will culminate in some serious wigged out riffmongery and the melding point of amped-up space rock with blistering krautrock workouts on the main stage on Saturday, April 11.

Keep your eye out from up & coming Anthroprophh news in the next few weeks.

For anyone needing a reminder of what The Heads will be like, check here

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