17 Jul 2014

Teeth Of The Sea/The Cosmic Dead Freq live review

Teeth of the Sea and Cosmic Live at Corsica Studios
London – 12 July 2014

"...The stage was then set for Teeth Of The Sea. I’ve not seen them play live for many years and their sound has changed considerably in that time. Tonight we get a tight band who are enjoying playing live and give it all they’ve got. Some looped trumpet notes herald the band to start playing; and with an almost black metal-style howl and crash in we are off. Jimmy Martin stands behind a bank of synthesizers with his guitar held firmly in hand. After some big heavy chords he plays a melodic guitar solo that at one point even reminds me a bit of Brian May — he gives the performance his all, looking like a mad heavy metal professor as he switches between guitar and synth effortlessly throughout their performance. The band sound swells — it’s at times subtle and melodic, dark and heavy and bombastic..."

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