23 Jul 2014

Norman Records gives Goat – Commune a 10/10 review

The great guys at Norman Records have put up a very early write up of the forthcoming Goat album 'Commune', and they seem to like it:

"Finally, Goat's "difficult" second album is upon us. Their debut 'World Music' catapulted the mysterious Swedish voodoo-psych outfit onto the world stage with its mixture of wah-fuzz riffing, energetically chanted vocals and mystical polyrhythms, with colourful and hyper-kinetic live rituals to match. The pressure is on, then, for 'Commune' to be something a bit special.

Thankfully this is a band with ambition to match their hype, and 'Commune' is far from simply 'World Music' part two. I've spent the weekend letting it settle in before writing this but I still feel like I'm getting my head around it. All the signature moves from the first album are still present, but the emphasis here is much more on repetition, drones and deeply danceable psych-fuzz indulgences, often showing a darker and angrier side than we've previously heard…"

Read the rest of this 10/10 review here: Goat - Commune. LP and CD at Norman Records

Photo by Andrea Petrovičová