7 Jan 2014

Teeth of the Sea Loud and Quiet interview

Ahead of Saturdays performance at the Electrowerks, here is an interview from last year with the band in Loud and Quiet magazine:

"A bunch of friends go to a Wolf Eyes show, have their minds blown to crumbling matter and form a collective musical pact that night. Some five years ago, this is how Teeth of the Sea got started and it is still a story that Jimmy Martin recalls with both passion and glee. “It was like an epiphany in a weird way,” he beams. “You don’t get many of those. We all had eyeballs like saucers, swaying back and forth, just being deafened by this incredible racket. The thing that really got us about it was that it was really hedonistic but really Avant-Garde at the same time – I think that was a central principle.” It’s a principle that has spearheaded the groups’ own incredible racket over the years.

The moment when ‘Reaper’ erupts on Teeth of the Sea’s latest LP ‘Master’ has to be one of the most earth-shifting, seismic sonic moments of the year. It is something that tears and ignites beneath you, leaving a vision of a wrecked, scorched earth, nothing but desolate, barren wasteland left in the trail of the unexplainable force that has passed through it…"

Read the review in full here: Loud and Quiet