15 Jan 2014

Echoes and Dust - Teeth of the Sea - Electrowerkz gig review

The good people at Echoes and Dust have written an amazing review of the Teeth of the Sea gig with Bass Clef and Evil Blizzard at Electrowerkz:

'Woohoo, the Christmas gig outage has come to an end and we’re being treated to the next chapter from the consistently awesome promoter Baba Yaga. They say January is a quiet time for gigs, not that you’d know as Electrowerkz is absolutely pumping and there’s a definite glow in the room about witnessing  Teeth of the Sea’s biggest ever headline show. I had never actually been to Electrowerkz before, it’s a pretty cool space... nice and grotty and I’m guessing definitively hosts cyber military goth nights. Perfect!

Read all about the bands here