3 Jan 2014

Eindhoven Psych Lab Festival is announced

A new two day festival called Eindhoven Psych Lab has been announced.  The festival is a sister event to Liverpool Psych Fest, and like LPF Rocket will be involved in this event too. The details of our involvement will be announced on January 30th.

The official press release for the event reads:

Eindhoven Psych Lab 2014
June 6 + 7 2014

2 days, 30+ bands, 2 indoor stages and a garden. 

EINDHOVEN PSYCH LAB is a new festival located in Eindhoven, Holland, established to explore and showcase the futuristic sights and sounds of the modern psychedelic condition. Frontiers must be explored, crossed and questioned. In order to do so, we need researchers, exploration and arenas to perform such interrogations: audio laboratories.   Eindhoven has a long and proud history in challenging industrial, scientific and musical boundaries. 

EINDHOVEN PSYCH LAB will be a celebration of 2014’s buoyant global psychedelic underground, set in this historic creative context. It will explore psychedelia in its most trance inducing and progressive form, via the mediums of visual art, design, science and of course: music. 

We hope you will join us on 6/7 June 2014.

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