26 Sept 2013

Time Out - review Teeth of the Sea's MASTER

Time Out have reviewed the new Teeth Of The Sea – 'Master'

'A bleak and unsettling post-rock record with one creepy eye on the dance floor'

Festering since 2006 in the dank crannies of the London underground music scene, Teeth Of The Sea have played more than anyone’s fair share of dingy pubs, damp basements and half-collapsed old warehouses. The band even formed at Electrowerkz – a former sheet metal factory in Islington that also hosts the longest running goth club night in the world – and all that concrete, mould, dust and rust seems to have rubbed off on their music: a gloomy hybrid of Throbbing Gristle-style electronica, post-rock and hyper-creepy ambience. Basically, if Derek Jarman was making his nihilistic, post-apocalyptic London film ‘Jubilee’ now, Teeth Of The Sea would be a shoo-in for the soundtrack.

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