30 Sept 2013

Rocket Probes September Playlist

Around Saturn from fabio di donato on Vimeo.

Hey Colossus – Life like Cuckoo
(Simply stunning new album by HC...with an added Hi-Fi Killer, Part Chimper and Shit and Shiner they have made one of the best albums of the year)
Hey Colossus

Theo Verney - Heavy Sunn

(Killer track from their new flawless EP...sounds like White Hills 'Ocean of Sound' put through a Black Sabbath mincer and then sprinkled with some Kinks)
Theo Verney

Early Mammal – My Fire

(nice grooved out psych on Convoy Records, a new label from the people behind Noisestar)
Early Mammal

Cannibal Movie – Mondo Music / Avorio

(Two albums of drums + organ driven repetitive psych outs from Italy)
Cannibal Movie

Alien Sex Fiend – Dead and Buried

(Industrial motorik and noisey post punk guitars)
Alien Sex Fiend

Cavern of Anti Matter – EP

(New three track EP of kraut rock homages by Stereolab members)
Cavern of Anti Matter

Rhythm Device - Acid Rock

(Love this)
Rhythm Device

Adrian Utley's Guitar Orchestra - In C
(Mesmerising version which Mission Control was lucky to catch in the flesh...essential listening)
Adrian Utley

Lorelle meets the Obsolete - Waitin' for the Orange Sunshine
(Spaced shoegaze)

Ilyas Ahmed - Alasted

(Fuzzed backwards guitar noodlings)
Llyas Ahmed

Powell - A Band

(Phuture psych acid house)

Shadow Huntaz - Massive
(Glitched fuzzy hip hop)

Arbete & Fritid - Thulcandra
(Terry Riley Folk Jazz Swedish workout)
Arbete & Fritid

The Mausoleums - Blackened Fawns Cleanse The Earth With Fire
(Distorted Shoegaze)

V/A Wallahi Le Zein!!: Wezin, Jakwar, And Guitar Boogie From The Islamic Republic Of Mauritania
(Psychedelic African sounds)