12 Sept 2013

Mojo Premiere Teeth of the Sea track – Black Strategy

Mojo Magazine have premiered the new Teeth of the Sea track Black Strategy, which is taken off their forthcoming album MASTER.

This is what they say:

TRAILING THE STYGIAN DEPTHS of a brilliant new album entitled Master, the group’s third, British post-Kraut intruMentalists Teeth Of The Sea offer Black Strategy, one of the best, most involving electroprog fusion freakouts we’ve heard in an ever. Somehow Goblin and Renegade Soundwave seem to coexist in this place of excitement. Imagine that lot having a barney.

It’s been a busy few years for TOTS, lauded by MOJO for their 2010 album, Your Mercury (we know writer-guitarist Jimmy Martin from the HMV shop under MOJO’s former offices), and subsequently branching out into fascinating collaborative work with Wire and live soundtrack experiments including Reaper and Beyond The Transfinite, as dancier elements emerged more strongly in their work.

The album, says an unusually well-written press release, promises “nods to the established Teeth Of The Sea touchstones of Throbbing Gristle, Goblin, Heldon, Angelo Badalamenti and Slayer, recent work by the like of Byetone, Pete Swanson, Raime, Powell and Prurient, alongside a long-standing fixation on the disco stylings of Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder… Abrasive and sparkling electronic textures do battle with waves of incandescent noise and a merciless beat-driven imperative to form a powerful alchemical charge”. Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Here the track here: Black Strategy

Preorder a copy of the Ltd LP here: Rocket bandcamp