20 Sep 2012

The Quietus ask Goat some questions about Supersonic Festival

The Quietus have done a quick Q/A with Goat about their up and coming performance at Supersonic Festival:

"Goat's debut album World Music was one of our favourites of this summer. Here, the band mix together a bewitching stew of "Afrobeat, Latin disco, post punk, kraut drone and rampant acid rock. It's as if Spacemen 3 ate Funkadelic's Maggot Brain and a random Fela Kuti album". We discuss what's in store for lucky punters to this year's Supersonic festival, where they are playing live.

You lived in a commune in Korpilombobo, Sweden. What was commune life like? How did that lifestyle inform the music you make?

Read the answer to this and other questions here

And buy tickets for the festival here