12 Sep 2012

Drowned in Sound review Teeth of the Sea at Green Man festival

This is what Drowned in Sound thought of Teeth of the Sea's performance at this years Green Man festival:

"I’m ready for some weird by Sunday afternoon. Mogwai satiated the loudness, and then R+S took us into the early hours of this morning with Lone, Airhead and The Chain. But Teeth Of The Sea, well they’re unlike pretty much anything else on the bill this weekend. You can see the reaction as they begin to unfurl a set that’ll become pinioned on tribal drumming, squalls of guitar rushing over it with a ferocity hitherto unseen this weekend. Children look terrified, their parents though, who used to wig out to this sort of stuff, wander into the tent with eyes lit alive and heads nodding. Teeth Of The Sea are wonderful live, a psychedelic rock group in the heaviest sense, theirs isn’t a world of flowers and kaleidoscopes; it’s ferocious, a relentless sonic attack that pulverizes the mind into a lucid state."

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