26 Sep 2012

Revolt of the apes reviews Shit & Shine / Gnod Collisions 03

Revolt of the Apes have written some very nice words on the next Rocket release, volume 3 of our Collisions series by Gnod and Shit & Shine:

"– beast lies at the heart of the third “Collisions” release from the always fiery Rocket Recordings, a split release from Gnod and $hit and $hine. Rather than the individual, the focus here is on the collective; rather than the irrelevance of time, the focus here would appear to be in the eradication of time – eradication with great prejudice.

The impact of Gnod upon our listening habits over the past couple of years can hardly be over emphasized. At the time of our interview with the shape-shifting UK wizards of sound late last year, we were very close to declaring the band to have released both the best and the second best albums of 2011 – and this was before we had been set deep into a cosmic-coma via “Genocider,” the crushing tomb of sound from “Chaudelande Volume II.”

Both Gnod and $hit and $hine bring to “Collisions 3″ the full weight of massive, world-crushing force that comes from near complete disregard for convention, mysteriously expanding and contracting line-ups, and the willingness to wield the sharpest points of any number of sounds in order to achieve their goals. With both tracks clocking in around the fifteen-minute mark, dub aesthetics merge with combustible Detroit-bred explosions of raw power, synthesized beats antagonize a world of synthesized violence, chanting codas mesh with the hot breath of levitating bass riffs, and all limits are fast eroded.

May the collisions never end."

See the review in full here