28 Aug 2012

GNOD Groove Back Into Europe!

GNOD are ready to head back out on the road next week to get their groove on with their family on the continent, THEY cannot wait, got some new sounds to peddle!

Then some nice shows in UK with Expo 70, Goat & Teeth of the Sea and to finish off a hectic 6 months another trip to Ireland to the lovely Hunters Moon in October.

More Please……

Gnod Bless

29th August - A/N/D Festival - First St, Manchester
1st September - Chaudelande Festival, Normandy, France
4th September - A La Miroiterie, Paris
5th September - Le Water Moulin, Tournai
6th September - L’Aquilone, Liege
7th September - Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, Belgium
8th September - Private show TBA
11th September - Gent TBA
12th September- Antwerp TBC
13th September - Cab03, Leiden, Holland
14th September - Incubate Festival, Tilburg, Holland
20th September - w/ Expo70 - Night & Day, Manchester
23rd September - w/ Expo70 - Mello Mello, Liverpool
19th October - w/ Goat & Teeth Of The Sea - The Lexington, London