10 Aug 2011

Branchage Festival 2011: Teeth of the Sea - Present 'REAPER' - Live Soundtrack

Branchage Festival 2011

Teeth of the Sea presents REAPER
[a re-imagining of Neil Marshall’s DOOMSDAY]

Saturday, 24th September
Jersey Arts Centre
20:30 - 21:30

Teeth Of The Sea, London's most intrepid and adventurous psychedelic rock band, have always looked to the extraordinary and outlandish for inspiration, and been as influenced by books and films as by music. With this in mind, some of their biggest influences include the films of Neil Marshall: Dog Soldiers and The Descent have both made their marks on the band's psyche, but by far the closest to the band's collective heart is Doomsday, the hyperreal, volatile and audacious 2008 Frankenstein's monster of a movie that follows a perilous journey to the maws of Armageddon via a killer virus, a retro-futurist medieval society ruled by gangs of marauding punks and/or Malcolm McDowell, and no small amount of blood and gore, putting the viewer in mind of the very best classic 2000AD scripts.

One of the most attractive facets of Doomsday for Teeth Of The Sea has always been its freewheeling approach, not to mention its disregard for conventional notions of narrative structure and a disregard for genre. With this in mind, the band have decided to offer a re-imagining of the movie, taking the most visceral, dramatic and colourful debacles and denouements and turning them into a riot of disorientation that they could then match with a soundtrack that would do its damnedest to challenge it for sheer chutzpah and otherworldly allure. The result, Reaper (named after the movie's killer virus) is a kind of psychedelic reconfiguration that the band will interact with musically to create something truly original and nightmarishly thrilling. Indeed, if there is such a thing as hell on earth, this will hopefully be it.

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