4 Aug 2011

Supernormal - Number 17 in The Best Festival Guide By The Independent

Supernormal has been voted no.17 out 50 in the best festival guide by The Independent newspaper.

Supernormal is a non profit festival, it is run by people who are doing it for the love and to get the chance to host an amazing event like they did last year, which Rocket Recordings attended and had the best festival experience of our lives, think Glastonbury '71 but less hippies!!!

View the article here:

Don’t forget, all these amazing bands are playing, with still a couple real special guests, still to be announced:

Teeth Of The Sea
Thought Forms
Black Abba (Alexander Tucker, Moss, Sunday Mourning collaboration)
Primordial Undermind
Gum Takes Tooth
Mugstar (DJ)
Fuzzy Lights
Pink Reason
Big Naturals
Black Tempest
Drunk In Hell
Bad Guys
Maria and the Mirrors
The Rent boys
The Nuns
Proxy Music
A Band
David Davant an his Spirit Wife
And many, many more

Plus art by
Geraldine Swayne, Juneau Projects, Dirty Electronics, Chicks on Speed, Lucienne Cole, Tai Shani and many more.

So, if you are thinking of coming, please buy a ticket from here before 7th August...