31 Aug 2011

Rocket Probes August 2011 Playlist

Gnod – Chaudelande Vol.1
(3 amazing tracks the band recorded when stopping in France on their euro tour. This is Vol.1 of three volumes, and I must admitt, could well be their best stuff)

White Hills – Measured Energy
(A great 7" from White Hills on the ever great Trensmat)

The Hygrades – In the Jungle
(Great Nigerian rock with some serious, serious fuzz!!!)

Bong – Roadburn
(Absolutely amazing recording of Bong at their most heavy psychedelic best)

Bitchin Bajas / Faceplant – split
(Bitchin Bajas is Cooper from Cave creating some lovely Kosmiche drones and Faceplant is Aaron from Peaking Lights, who brings more of a groove to his repetitive analogue synthscapes)

Bardo Pond – s/t
(Thanks to Deej for playing us this, BP returning to form)

Rhys Chatham - Die Donnergötter
(Like an orchestration of Sonic Youth guitars cover Neu!)

Electric Wizard - Chrono-naut (Phase II)
(The Wizard doing Hawkwind & that's a winner round these parts)

Can - Ege Bamyasi
(Finally picked up the re-mastered version of this is electronic kraut funk, pop masterpiece and it still sounding incredible fresh)

Grumbling Fur - Furrier
(Supergroup featuring members of Circle, Guapo and Alex Tucker, a dark and somber trip)