19 Mar 2024

Obey Cobra sign to Rocket and announce new album 'Mwg Drwg'


We are thrilled to reveal that we are going to be releasing a new album by the unique, genre pushing four-piece from Cardiff, 'Obey Cobra'.

'Mwg Drwg' is the follow-up to the bands debut 'Oblong' which was released on Mat Batty's (Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs) label Box Records.

Watch the video for first single 'Ten of Wands' via the link above.

This is what the band have said about it:

"The Mari Lwyd - a horse skeleton dressed in white sheets and adorned with ribbons - is a Welsh folkloric custom. In both history and the present day, for Wassail, the Mari Lwyd leads a procession, knocking on the doors of local houses trying to gain entry through song. The people who live in the houses deny the Mari Lwyd from entering, again through song, and the two sides continue this call and response until either the householders eventually relent, and the Mari Lwyd is allowed in and given food and drink... Or must continue without on their journey.

In the music video for Ten of Wands we follow the Mari Lwyd. An outsider and outcast from the edges of the earth, wandering through historical spaces void of humans, eventually ending at the open sea. Ten of Wands tells of a reading and premonition, given to lead singer K Wood, taken with a pinch of salt."


Preorder 'Mwg Drwg' on Ltd Edition 'Blue Vinyl' via the Bandcamp link below or from your favourite record shop: 



Reflective of a band operating by nobody’s rules but their own, Obey Cobra here are just as adept with bracing noise as sinister disquiet. Taking influences as diverse as Diane Arbus, David Lynch and Sonic Youth, they balance out heaviosity and grace on the likes of the majestically discordant ‘Ten Of Wands’ and the glacial yet pulverising ‘Blue Hour’. Meanwhile; on the title track, the band excel themselves by sculpting a Jesus Lizard-esque rhythmic pulse, eerie vocal abstraction and the crepuscular downtempo atmosphere of Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine’ into a uniquely haunting dreamscape.

Produced by Petbrick’s Wayne Adams, 'Mwg Drwg' is where the weird and eerie are amplified to intimidating proportions. It’s where grotesquely and beauty happily cohabit. It’s the eldritch chill of ‘Ghostwatch’ in which strange dimensions lurk in the suburbs. It’s an aural exorcism of William Friedkin proportions that demands your immediate attention.

See Obey Cobra live:
19 April / London / The Lexington