1 Mar 2024

It's Bandcamp Friday!

It's Bandcamp Friday....so as always it is the perfect time to pick up something great from the rocket Bandcamp. 

Four of Rockets latest releases are:


Ex Easter Island Head – Norther LP
The band's first album since 2016 and the first on Rocket – we are so humbled to be releasing this unique album by the incredibly unique band.

The Utopia Strong – The BBC Sessions LP/CD
You need this for the cover alone! Chuffed to be able to release this great session onto a physical format – a very nice stopgap until the next album proper.

Alison Cotton – Engelchen LP
Alison returns with a new album of incredibly powerful songs, an album that starts with an immersive side long track, essential listening.

Thee Alcoholics – Feedback LP
This mighty album by The Alcoholics was released last week onto a very unsuspecting but now an extremely grateful world. Get intoxicated.


Not only that, we still have ltd copies of the albums we released at the end of 2023 by Teeth Of The Sea, Bonnacons Of Doom, Yoke and Goat etc. 

Also our Bandcamp is stocked-up of lots of European distributor warehouse finds that we had shipped back. So as always, there's lots of great releases and t-shirts from many of your Rocket faves awaiting you:

Rocket Bandcamp