13 Feb 2024

Alison Cotton reveals new single – 'Crépuscule'

Alison Cotton's new album 'Engelchen' is released on 15 March. It is an album inspired by the story of Ida and Louise Cook, two remarkable women who helped arrange the paths of refugees out of danger in 1930s Nazi-occupied Europe.

Watch the John O'Carroll made video for the second single to be released from 'Engelchen' – the absorbing 'Crépuscule' above


'Englechen' is released on 15 March – preorder now on 'Swirl vinyl' via the Bandcamp link below, or on clear vinyl from your local record shop:


The great 'Feeding Tube Records' are releasing the album in North America.


The secretive heroics of Ida and Louise almost beggar belief, and when Alison Cotton first discovered their story, she couldn’t understand why it wasn’t more widely known. Furthermore, she was inspired by their courage, fortitude and derring-do to compose Engelchen, a live musical tribute to the duo’s lives and work, which is now a full-length release on Rocket Recordings.

Throughout, this story is relayed by Alison, whether acapella or by means of richly emotive string arrangements, with a deftness of touch, sensitivity and intensity that matches the feverish nature of the experiences and the unforgiving environs in which they took place. Engelchen is a transporting work whose spirit is situated in a very specific time and place,

Nonetheless, the story of Ida and Louise Cook is more than merely an inspirational tribute to two mavericks who beat the odds in an unforgettable feat of altruism. It’s a celebration of the human spirit, one that reflects a universality in its narrative which transcends the boundaries of history and impacts very urgently on our daily lives. Whatever attempts may be made to tell this story, it’s hard to imagine one that resonates deeper than Engelchen.

See Alison live at these following dates:

23 March / Gregynog Hall / Newtown 
28 March / Glad Cafe / Glasgow
29 March / The Lubber Fiend / Newcastle
30 March / Bishop's House / Sheffield
31 March / Rise / York
05 April / St Pancras Old Church / London
25-27 July / DK / Sønderho / Fanø Free Folk Festival