30 Nov 2022

Rocket Probes – November 2022 playlist

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Mr Medicine
(New Pigs!!!)
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Dwellings & Druss – Support & Resistance
(New tape by Chris and Paddy from GNOD)
Dwellings & Druss

Nurse and Soldier – Let's Spend the Day Together
(New project from Fat Bobby from Oneida)
Nurse and Soldier 

The Bruce Clarke Quintet – Hong Kong Ladies
(Oz grooves)
The Bruce Clarke Quintet

Public Enemy – By The Time I get To Arizona
(That bass!!)
Public Enemy 

The Durian Brothers / Harmonious Thelonious  – Diskanted
(Kosmische and African inspired repetitions)

The Riot Squad – I Take It We’re Through
(Bit of an early Roxy vibe in places on this Meek Production)
The Riot Squad

Joseph of Kirezi – Session and Live in Tokyo
(Guitar abuse)
Joseph of Kirezi

Heimito Künst – I Wait For The End
(Fuzzed drones)
Heimito Künst

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy – Take me There
(Fuzzy sci-fi dance...courtesy of Tom Furse)
Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Kebnekaise – Wind
(70s Swedish afro-kosmische-jazz-psych)

99 Letters – Shibun Goretsu
(Tribal repetitions)
99 Letters

Jean-Cohen Solal – Ab Hoc et Ab Hac
(Fuzz n' flutes)
Jean-Cohen Solal

KMRU & Aho Ssan – Limen
(Ruined Abstractions)
KMRU & Aho Ssan

Howlin Wolf – Spoonful
(As you know, he didn't like it)
Howling Wolf

Daniele Patucchi - La Dimostrazione
(Great Spanish soundtrack groove)
Daniele Patucchi

CV Vision – Tropical
(Fuzzy retro sounds)
CV Vision

Doug Lucas – One For You
(Another gem courtesy of Cherrystones)
Doug Lucas

Liverpool - Impressões Digitais
(Latin fuzz)

CS+Kreme – Storm Rips Banana Tree
(Real nice droning, glitchy goodness)

Annette Peacock – Pony
Annette Peacock

Didier Bocquet – Voyage Cerebral
(Cosmic French sounds)
Didier Bocquet

Gal Costa – Relance
(RIP Gal)
Gal Costa 

Hawkwind – You shouldn't Do That
(RIP Nick)

Low – Fly
(RIP Mimi)

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