28 Oct 2022

Shit & Shine's latest album on Rocket – 'New Confusion' is released today

"Sheer brilliance." The Quietus

"Start throwing some shapes." Loud and Quiet


A new $hit & $hine album is always a cause for celebration, and with this latest record  'New Confusion' being released today it is now time for one helluva party!

'New Confusion' is available to buy on ltd edition 'Blue Vinyl and luxurious 'Gold Mirrorboard' sleeve from the Bandcamp link below or from your local record shop:



The nine abject and glorious meditations that make up 'New Confusion' exist in an alternate dimension whereby a loop-driven exploratory framework is joyridden with alacrity offroad by a moonshine-swigging convict, a zone whereby aural scrap metal is alchemically transformed into gleaming, abstract and intimidating structures and sculptures anew. 

Yet thankfully, as always in this absurdist and electrifying realm, they’re notable for offering a different vision from the third eye whenever they make themselves manifest. What’s more, with 'New Confusion' they’ve usurped their own outré paradigms yet again, resulting in a demented heat-haze panorama of delirious beat-driven abandon and elucidated neural pathways.


See Shit & Shine on tour on 2023:

Feb 22 / Punctum / Prague
Feb 23 / Combo / Milan
Feb 24 / Buda Brussels
Feb 25 / Container City / Stuttgart
Feb 28 / Sonic Ballroom / Cologne
Mar 2 / L'Embobineuse / Marseille
Mar 3 / Askip / Nantes
Apr 27-28 / Cafe Oto / London

If you would like to book the band around these dates, please contact us or the band direct!