7 Oct 2022

Bandcamp Friday October 2022

It's Bandcamp Friday again.

So the perfect time to support your favourite bands and labels and indulge in some new records, CDs and T-shirts.

We are going to be taking the 'made-to-order' Goat and $hit & $hine T-shirts (in various colourways) off of sale from Monday, so if you want one, best time to buy one is today!


We can also highly recommend these presales:

$hit & $hine – New Confusion LP/T-Shirts

Goat – Oh Death LP/CD/T-shirts


And all these recent releases:

Various – Elsewhere VXIII 2LP

Petbrick – Liminal LP

Goat – World Music (10th Anniversary remaster) LP

Alison Cotton – The Portrait You Painted Of Me LP


We have lots of other great recent releases for sale as well as some rare warehouse finds, so have a scour and see what gems you can find: