30 Jun 2022

Rocket Probes – June 2022 playlist

J. Zunz – Del Aire
(Incredibly immersive new album has just been released – dive in)

Various – Avon Attorlaðe
(New comp of eclectic Bristol sounds from Avon Terror Corps – all proceeds go to Solidarity Apothecary for their work on the borders of Ukraine)

Cherrystones – FlooriDa
(Great track by Godsy)

KIKOK — Waterpark
(Ex Gnoomes drummer shows of his 'reflex'es)

Carmen Villain – A Year Ago
(Excellent new track)

Jimmy Smack - Death Is Certain
(Essential outsider sounds)

The Green Birds – Tam Tam Shake
(Cheers to Craig Clouse for this great '71 track tip-off – the album it is off is well worth a listen too)

The Edgar Broughton Band – Mr Crosby
(Getting the groove on)

Mad Professor – Escape to the Asylum of Dub

Martillo – Disdentes
(Fall meets Harmonia repetitions from 80's Peru)

Doris – Don't
(Killer fuzzed soul sounds from 70's Sweden)

Daniela Casa – Grosse Cilindrate
(70s Italian riffs)

Bo Hansson – Storstad
(More classic Swedish psych from Hansson...cheers Rickard)

ANGST vor GRETA - Infinity
(Nice track heard on NTS Channeling show)

My Bloody Valentine - The Sandman Never Sleeps
(MBV in Cramps mode)

T. Gowdy – Miracles
(Minimalist rhythms n' noise)

Speed Glue & Shinki – Run and Hide
(An ol' classic)

Psychic Ills w/ Gibby Haynes – FRKWYS Vol. 4​.​5: Nowhere in the Night
(Sound bending sounds)

The Fall – Dr Buck's Letter
(From the flawless Unutterable album)

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