5 Jul 2018

Reverb for Lovers reviews Lay Llamas Thuban

They say (loosely translated):

Lay Llamas has become the solo project of Nicola Giunta. The Sicilian had to cope with the departure of Gioele Valenti, who is now fully dedicated to his solo project JuJu . For the new record, " Thuban " (Rocket Recordings), Giunta took over for the first time the lyrics and the vocals.

For the rest, he got help from an illustrious round. For example, members of Clinic and The Pop Group are there, and part of Goat's vocal duo also contributed. Together with his ensemble Giunta went on an expedition.

In the Krautrock techno sound he wove different elements. Far-Eastern sounds, African rhythms, free jazz and world music appear in different places. Sometimes they are formative, sometimes adding nuances.

Eye-Chest People's Dance Ritual, for example, focuses on New Wave chic and gently introduces strange sounds. "Holy Worms" is relaxed funky, but also impulsive. Somewhat cooler and technoid looks like "Silver Sun". The saxophone provides tips.

Collaboration with Clinic, "Cults and Rites From The Black Cliff," pushes, is shimmering and threatening. "Altair", on which the Goat singer performs, looks like a forgotten B-side of the Swedish band.

On the eight and a half minute long "Fight Fire With Fire," Mark Stewart of The Pop Group delivers a compelling spoken word performance about clanking beats. "Chronicles From The Fourth Planet" is fuzzy and mystical. The final "Coffins On The Tree, A Black Braid On Our Way To Home" flows multi-layered and almost meditative.

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