3 Jul 2018

Bandcamp Daily Lifetime Achievement piece on the mighty GNOD

It reads:

In our Lifetime Achievement series, Bandcamp Daily takes a deep dive into the work of artists with a staggering number of releases to their name.

When The Sex Pistols performed at Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall in June 1976, the gig was so inspiring that many people in the audience went on to form bands of their own—among them The Fall, Joy Division, The Smiths, and Simply Red. A similar, if less-seismic, thing occurred after the Massachusetts free-psych collective Sunburned Hand Of The Man visited Manchester some 30 years later. As legend has it, there weren’t a lot of people in the crowd that night, but many of them went on to play in Gnod.

Buoyed up by Sunburned’s rapturous performance and influenced by the diverse recorded output of vintage krautrock experimentalists such as Can, Gnod formed in late 2006 and have never looked back. They have a fluid, ever-changing lineup, and various members and collaborators come and go as they please (often to reappear at a later date). The personnel regularly swap roles and instruments. They vehemently refuse to stick to any one style because a.) it would be boring, and b.) that kind of practice is a sure-fire way of diluting creativity. In Gnod’s eyes, musicians who engage in honing a formula are simply caught in the act of making themselves more palatable for mass consumption. That’s marketing; not art...

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