31 Aug 2016

Rocket Probes – August playlist

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Mirage
(Second album for Rocket from these amazing band from Sweden)
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

Various – For Nepal
(Charity double LP compilation featuring Gnod, Hey Colossus, The Myrrors and many other great bands)
For Nepal

Goat – Words (live in Stockholm)
(Split single on the great God Unknown records, backed up with Bonnacons of Doom..only 300 copies!)

Tomaga – The Shape of the Dance
(One of our fave London bands creates a brilliant second album...if you get teh chance to see them live, take it, you won't be disappointed)

Horseback – Dead Ringers
(A fantastic album that has not left the turntable...The Quietus described it as 'sounding like Ian Curtis fronting Amon Düül II in the Mos Eisley Cantina'...it doesn't at all but we can't beat that as adescription)

Kungens Män – Poppa utan lock
(Nice live track by this new Stolkholm psych band…turned onto us by Hills)
Kungens Män

Folke Rabe – Was??
(Amazing minimal Swedish electronic drone)
Folke Rabe

Michael Sena – Under Ripples
(Nice synth grooves 70s psych surf movie)
Michael Sena

The Oh Sees – The Dream
(Their albums have been getting a lot of plays this month - great stuff)
The Oh Sees

Günter Schickert - Überfällig
(Great album that has had several appearances on our playlist..essential)
Günter Schickert

Hair and Skin Trading Company – Jo in Nine G Hell
(We still love this post 'Loop' project..all their releases are well worth tracking down)
Hair and Skin Trading Company

Burl - Mona
(Great drone/noise grooves from this Bristol band...well worth checking out)

Goram – Ashes
(Another band from Bristol, this time some stonerdoom featuring Hugo from The Heads)

Kandodo/Mcbain - Lost Chants/Last Chance
(Talking of the Heads (no pun intended), some of this new Kandodo/Mcbain album is pretty good)


You can also listen to a selection of these tracks added to our Rocket Recordings Probes Spotify playlist from Jan 2016 to now: