31 Aug 2014

Rocket Probes August Playlist

Emergent Void, from null to ∞ from Daniel Siqueira on Vimeo.

Shit and Shine – Powder Horn
(Twisted 'dance' music from our favourite texan)

Pohl – II
(Great Bristol band featuring Hugo from The Heads)

Electric Wurms – Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk
(Flaming Lips pull out some crazy krautfunk grooves on this side project)
Electric Wurms

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – Poème non épique

(Thanks to Paul from Anthroprophh for turning us onto this great droning fuzz psych jam)

Bernard Szajner – Visions of Dune

(French synth psych from 1978)
Bernard Szajner

Fontan – Neon Snakes

(Great contemporary kraut track from members of Uran, taken from the album Winterhwila)

Ifang Bondi – Saraba

(Nice fuzz afro grooves, another Prophh discovery)
Ifang Bondi

Bichkraft – жорж

(Nice and repetitive industrial psych from Ukraine)

David Bowie – All Saints

(Throbbing Gristle and Can sounding outtakes from Low & Heroes recordings)

Locrian – Dort Ist Der Weg
(Ethereal droney psych noise)

The Hedgehogs – The Heights
(Wah Wah driven psych from Denmark)

Fripp & Eno – An Index of Metals
(Doomy sinister track from 'Evening Star')
Fripp & Eno

Miles Davis – He Loved Him Madly 
(Miles in reflective mellow mode)
Miles Davis

New Kingdom – Suspended in Air
(Killer heavy Hip Hop track)
New Kingdom

Mark Fry – Mandolin Man
(Amazing psyched out acoustic track from 'Dreaming with Alice')
Mark Fry

Jüergen Paape – Ofterschwang
(Disney Oompah band goes kraut in the Swiss Alps…bit bonkers)
Juergen Paape