6 Aug 2014

Read massive article on Rocket courtesy of Get Into This – a Liverpool Psych Fest preview

The great music website 'Get into this' celebrates an impressive redesign by a very flattering piece on Rocket as a preview and tribute to Rocket's involvement with the up-and-coming The Liverpool Psych Fest:

Rocket Recordings: Interstellar transmissions from another dimension

Ahead of Liverpool Psych Fest, Getintothis‘ Patrick Clarke takes an in-depth look at Rocket Recordings, the independent label behind so many of this year’s headline acts.

When it comes to modern psychedelia most have a tendency to look backwards, to saturate their tones in reverb straight from Revolver and to claim retrospective legitimacy. However though such groups (Temples, Tame Impala et al.) are by no means bad, there’s a sense something was lost in the process. When one looks back on an era before their time, what really thrills is the notion that Hendrix and co. were truly blowing people’s minds, pushing boundaries in a way that a revivalist just can’t.

That sense of disregard for musical margins lives on in Rocket Recordings, a small Bristol/London based independent label. It’s Rocket’s commitment to the left-field and unfamiliar, to the challenging and novel that embodies that spirit more than any mere throwback; when a Rocket band looks back at a genre you can bet they won’t rehash it, they’d rather drag it through a kaleidoscope and splice it with something else. No surprise then that though small in stature Rocket have quite a backlog of delights to wade through...

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