30 Jul 2012

Rocket Probes July Playlist

GnodShitting Through The Eye Of A Needle In A Haystack
(First Gnod track in this month's playlist...and it is an astounding track!!! Full of Can, PIL, This Heat, Faust and Shackleton reference points, but is all Gnod...it will appear as one half of the Collisions split with $&$ on Rocket)

Shit and Shine – Ladies Circles
(The other track that is to appear on Collisions 3 with Gnod...and my, what a track!!!…sort of a kraut dub-step jazz by a bonged out Butthole Surfers… Craig, the genius behind the band says "I think it's the best 'Shit and Shine' song ever"….so who are we to argue!!)

Beak – >>
(Doing Bristol proud & previously featured on our monthly playlist some time ago, this, the final mastered version features some tracks we hadn't heard - some of the others we had appear as extra's on the bonus disc available on Invada now....go buy!)

Can – The Lost Tapes
(No need to explain for regular readers)

GnodPlease Don't Turn The Light On / Gammel
(Another month, another few Gnod tracks...this time some great dubbed out electronica & 'Gammel' an exploration into repetition to be available on 12" via another label later in the year)

Orchestra Poly-Rythmo de Contonou - Echos Hypnotiques (1969 - 1979)
(Organ led hypnotic Afro-beat rhythms with some fuzz guitars)

Peaking LightsLucifer
(Not as immediate as their last album but it is a grower and sonicly amazing in places...nice, headphones listening for a sunny day)

HAstro Soda
(Interesting psych electronica soundscapes from Bristol artist)

New Fast Automatic DaffodilsGet Better (Extended Mix)
(Dont laugh...a great track of fuzz-wah and baggy kraut grooves...good band, well worth a revisit!!!)

Black Sabbath - s/t
(Watched The Sabs on the BBC's Classic albums recently, least we not forget Geezer Butler & Bill Ward.....heavy bands miss the groove these days)

(Lucky enough to hear this played several nights running on tour, the live version is amazing and we would love to hear them record it as it surpasses the version on Third...best use of a Kazoo through a space echo there has ever been)