31 Jul 2012

Optical Sounds Launches 'Cardinal Fuzz' Label

Optical Sounds (opticalsoundsfanzine) Launches 'Cardinal Fuzz' Label and we'd like to throw our support behind the project:

Two forthcoming releases from Cardinal Fuzz:

Pontiacs - Bursting (CFUL002)

Psych sounds emanating from the Chilean Andes. Blossoming from the ever great Santiago Psych Scene The Cardinal has had this rotating on a burnt silver CD since January where it has burnt a hole right through my cranium. Man some hipsters may find this aint scuzzy enough or
lo-fi enough for that quick fix but this here is a keeper - something to play over and over. Seriously great strong writing coupled with the sweetest of Fuzz tones and some slow burning sike outs...

For Fans Of - BJM, Doors, Santiago Psych Scene... Ltd 100 cds. Mini vinyl replica flipback sleeve (chunky style) and vinyl replica cd made by the great Sam Giles with hand stamped insert as well as a double sided colour insert.

You're Smiling Now But We'll Turn Into Demons - Inner Space Broadcasts Volume 2 (CFUL003)

First release of The inner Space Broadcasts series features The Demons one of thee most under-rated heavy sike bands on the planet. (And by Heavy Sike I mean SIKE not some blundering stoner blues rubbish). This is a 2 disc affair in preparation for Demons supernormal festival appearance and as a way of raising much needed funds for a double vinyl pressing of "Contact High".

Disc 1 bombastic re-hearsal room takes of new Demons tracks...Imagine Hawkwind crossed with The Stooges/MC5 to get a flavour of these braincrushing tracks. Last track is a live take of the Collaborative Angels and Demons At Play form 2010 as we got a 25 minute funked out groove going - like some bad ass 70's cop theme track with Stevie Winwood on Organ..Shake yer ass baby...

Disc 2 is a collection of early sessions for the Contact High LP - Going under the title Contact Raw for those that have not heard the album be prepared to be blown away. Prismatic Reflections could just about be the best blown out track you've never heard.
For Fans Of - The Heads, Spacemen 3, Hawkwind, Stooges, MC5, Black Sabbath...

Cardinal Fuzz albums are available to buy here: cardinalfuzz.bigcartel

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