30 Dec 2011

Rocket Probes December 2011 Playlist

Anthroprophh - Zeit des alten Mannes / Myalistic ???
(The Heads 'Rock Prof' getting into some serious Kraut inspired Can/Ra, listen: Zeit / Myalistic)

Black Tempest - Supernormal
(3cd album of BT's set at Supernormal and rehearsal jams...Kosmiche wonderfulness)

Sun Araw - Ancient Romans
(Latest album of psyched out, dubbed out, groove rock)

Mugstar - Serra (Robert Hampson mixes)
(How essential is this record!!!!)

The Fall - Are You Are The Missing Winner
(Another great album of fuzz repetition, especially on the track Crop-dust)

NoMeansNo - Wrong
(Haven't listened to this album in many many many years, since i lent it out in the early/mid 90's and never got it back but great to pick up a cheap copy and give it a good spin once again!! Still a seriously good fun listen)

Cage & Aviary - Migration
(Our favourite dubbed out, acid effected, cosmic disco heads finally land their album...if you have heard their Teeth of the Sea, **k and Gnod remixes, you have an idea of what to expect)

Blue Phantom - Violence
(Fuzz guitars and frantic drumming combine to make a sound like the Cooper band!!...taken from the fuzzy prog album Distortions)

Neil Campbell - Sol Powr
(Finnish label Lal Lal Lal's minimal Krautjam)

3 Leafs - Titular Lines
(Hypnotic Bitches Brewing psyche)

Von Himmel - Space Communion
(Experimental Kraut in a BBC Radiophonic Workshop Cluster)

Alice Cooper Band - Love it to Death / Killer
(Check out 'Black Ju Ju' live at the Cincinnati Pop Festival online & realise what a mistake it was to sack your band)