16 Dec 2011

GNOD appear in NME ‘Most Underrated’ album list 2011

GNOD appear in the NME's 2011 ‘Most Underrated’ album list. The list features 'Ingnodwetrust' (Rocket Recordings) and 'Chaudelande Vol. 1' (Tamed Records) & we couldn't agree more, who doesn't love GNOD, GNOD is love!

"Manchester 2011: if you weren't on the endless chase for a slew of smoke-and-mirror acts sneaking around the Victorian back streets and grubby suburbs of their city, then you were feverishly buying up all remaining stocks of flares and parkas in anticipation of The Stone Roses' multi-million making return. This is, of course, what Manchester will be best known for this year, but unfairly, as proven by this brace of albums from Gnod, the north west's premiere far-reaching psychedelic troupe. Firstly with the Rocket Recordings-released 'Ingnodwetrust' Gnod sought to melt minds methodically, 'Tony's First Communion' stretching to over 20 minutes of gradually swirling echoes and half-caught vocals, a stoic one-note bassline keeping all at bay; 'Vatican' dragged the intensity further with slowcore riffs bludgeoning the senses into the darkest depths. Then, following the group's decampment to Chaudelande, France, they really let loose: 'Volume 1' the ensuring collection of recordings from a drug-fuelled few days, boasts riffs charred to within an inch of their life and the wildness of their motorik threatening to tear throbbing limb from limb when transferred live. In my opinion, if you wanted to focus on WU LYF's pre-determined theatrics then you're welcome to them; but it was Gnod who who provided a snapshot of the city's real core."

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