31 May 2011

Rocket Probes May 2011 Playlist

Rubble – The Farewell Drugs
(Finally!!!!....after having a version of this on a CDR for several years now it has finally made it out on vinyl, Buttholes meets Wellwater Conspiracy meets Monoshock, loads of great fuzz punk, blissed out psych, krauty grooves)

Moon Duo – Fallout
(Great grooved out Spacemen 3’esque track off their new album Mazes)

Woods – Out of The Eye
(Motorik droner from their forthcoming Sun and Shade album..thanks to Dave from Optical Sound for telling us about this one)

Spectrum – Mary
(Nice Spacemen 3 repetitive Motorik drone from this split single with Cheval Sombre...lovely optical art sleeve too)

Lunar Dunes – Oh You Strange Tune
(Taken from their Galaxea album, this track has a certain Suncoil Sect meets Bark Psychosis vibe with some nice Jaki’esque drumming)

Crass – Station
(Amazing record and still sounds totally fresh today)

Dylan Ettinger – Lyon of Judah
(Bonkers psyched out dubby’ness on Not Not Fun)

Various – Strade Transparenti

(South American film road movie soundtrack....get on the bus with The Necks & O-Type)

Various – E
pitaph For a Legend
(International Artists label compilation, featuring Red Krayola & The Elevators)

Fury Things - Love Sick E.P
(Early 90's fuzz infested Shoegaze featuring a young Tim Cedar from Part Chimp.....brothers united against the man